Very single

As I was lying in jacuzzi after a very long day and workout, my peaceful bliss was disturbed with a phone conversation. A girl in her late twenties felt very relaxed to describe to a friend a man that she knew in all possible details. Apparently she was trying to set them up on a blind date. And that’s when I heard the magical phrase “He’s very single and very rich.” I mean, I keep on hearing this relationship statement again and again, when in reality you either are taken or single. Would you describe someone as very taken? I mean besides he’s very taken by his job..

Why do people keep on using “very single” statement? Does it mean that the person has been single for a very long time? Or is it a description of “commitment issues”? Maybe “I’m very single” stands for “I’m single and I’m not interested” or is it quite the opposite “I’m single and I’m very interested”? I mean, Samantha from Sex and the city knew how to use a phrase “Oh darling I’m very single”..

How do you know when you want to know? Do you go online and do you research? Do you even trust social site labeling system? I looked up Facebook, and guess what “very single” is not there. Oh my oh my, now what?
Hugs and kisses to all those very single undefinable, 
I’m still going to use just single in my vocabulary. 🙂

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