Oh my, it’s Tinder time!

I have never been an online dating girl. That being said, I prayed to God not to send me weirdos and downloaded the app “Tinder”.
It took me only 30 seconds to set up my profile and off I went into the ocean of single men.
It’s amazing how a few matches can boost up the confidence. Suddenly it was hard to put my phone down. Although looking up Tinder on the street I felt as if I was a little girl who was doing something wrong, so whenever someone was behind or next to me, I shut down the app.

Lesson number one. Soon enough I realized  that my area parameters were way too big. Since I was not looking for love, I wasn’t really interested to drive 80km to meet somebody. So I did change it for 10 km as a borderline. And believe me ladies, it actually made a big difference, since now any of us could  say “wanna grab a coffee?” instead of planning when to go on a date.
After a few matches I realized that I was starting to scroll through the profiles way too fast. Which lead me to the lesson number two – sometimes you will accidentally press “nope” to a hotties and you will just have to deal with that unless you buy premium version for 9,99$ a month. I mean, I got bored after one day, can’t imagine going there for one month, but I guess it works for some people.
And where’s the accidental “no”, there’s also accidental “yes”. Then you can play hide and seek or just give it a shot. Unless he’s totally weird.. Then don’t do it. I mean DON’T DO IT. The profiles online usually are better than the real deal and weird profile means crazy case. And while I had my accident I realized  some of them might accidentally pressed “like” to me as well…
No no no. Never happened & will not happen.
The more profiles I saw the clearer I realized what I like and what I don’t like. This is actually a great way how to define what you want & what is your type. I had never thought about some things that I noticed during this process.
The absolute “NOPE” profiles for me were those where:

  • Mr Body. He’s showing off his abs and naked body in every picture. It just felt like “look at me, I’m so sexy. Do you want to see more of me?” No thank you. Not now, not ever. It’s boyish and quite frankly makes me question if you’re an empty shell;
  • Frat party type of men – drinks, party, smoke, trashy women around. Are you looking for a free invite for a party?
  • Duckface. I mean – should I even explain in how many levels it is unattractive?
  • Bromance. I do appreciate if a guy has good friends, but if all of his profile pictures are with a few other dudes, then it’s very hard to see him as individual and I’m really not up for package deals..
  • Eskimos. Guys that have way too much going on on their head – big hair, huge beards etc… NO. I love long sleek back hair and handsome beard, but everything has limits. Trim it to look like you CARE.
  • Show offs – big fancy cars & statement items in every picture. I’ve studied branding and too much is always too much

Weirdly to admit, but too much smile was also a no go.. I mean, I’m not a grumpy cat, but I like to see also different side of a person.

Btw, my Tinder date was great!

Have you tried it? What’s your experience? Did you just checked your no go list? 🙂

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