As I am watching the last episodes of Bachelor, I have this foolish smile when I see how happy they look together. And then it hits me – the question they must be asking themselves each night & morning – is it real? Can you find love when you stand in a small pond where all the fishes eat the same bate? I mean – yes it’s affection, it’s passion and fun in general, but is it love? Can you experience pure love if you’re all the time in so many emotional bonds? He kisses one girl, then he’s on to the next one and the next one..
Confusing for us and more so for them.

How can the ladies feel love when the man of their dreams seems to have such a hard time deciding if they are who he needs and loves? Does She feels relieved in the end or does that feeling of not being sure that he loves just you sinks in the skin and never really comes off? Can you ever be sure?

The more I think about it, the more absurd it feels. All the games and drama. Tears and friendships.

Sometimes I feel like on one hand this show has a great expectations and aim of true love, while on the other hand – we’re enjoying and constantly hoping for some hearts to be broken, so the others would have a chance to find real love.

If it would happen on real life occasion, without any commercialization. Let’s say neighbor of yours went to a date with 10 girls at the same and then kept on doing that for weeks breaking off with a few each week. Would you really think “he’s looking for love”? Would you feel like saying “yeah buddy! I’m hoping you choose the one”. I would imagine old ladies nagging him for being a playboy or pervert not an American idol..

The reality is that this show for most of us has nothing to do with reality. It’s entertainment, it’s passion and the thrill of guessing who he will choose in the end.

I do think it’s a miracle that some of these couples actually get married. But us, the viewers, should sometimes remember that gladiator fighting a few centuries ago was also an entertainment. And the reality is – emotional pain sometimes cuts deeper than physical. So if we’re so amused to see these hearts broken over and over again – what does it makes us?

Is it the relief of seeing somebody feeling the same as you felt – getting heart broken and rejected? Or is it joy of drama? Maybe it’s time to live your life instead of following others semi-reality?

Just a thought

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