The more I see and experience, the more certain I become of my real life relationship definition.  we have this idea about how something should start and end, while most of the time life makes other plans. 

We have break up and make up songs, that are telling the story themselves. We have 3 date rule, 5 year plans and prenups. Somehow we even have marked post breakup comfort food. I mean – have you ever seen somebody drinking green tea to make them feel better after a break up? It does not fit the idea, the pattern that we have created.
Nobody gets married thinking about divorce. It just happens. The same way how some people meet each other in the weirdest places ever – morgue, toilet, divorce trial:) The point is – the idea about how something should start or end is a scam. Delete that folder from your mind. If something good has started unexpectedly, don’t question it just because it does not fit your idea. Give a shot at happiness. I mean Kanye went for Kim even thou the situation was far from ideal…
I’m just a hopeless romantic, still believing in love.

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