Full moon overload

I don’t know about you, but this was one crazy day for me.

I went outside on the balcony to breath in the cold night air and looked at the full moon. It was so sirreal – the night was light as day. Clear sky with just a few white clouds. I sat down and listened to the magical suburb night. I hadn’t done that….maybe ever?! It took me by surprise- there were so many unknown sounds. I heard birds and animals that I can’t even name. There was so much life around me everywhere, that it made me feel incredibly small in the grace of the Universe.

For a few minutes the stress was gone, there was just an amusement. It was one of those times when you’re afraid to move, not to disturb something special. So I sat there till my body started to shake a bit to give me sign – it’s enough, I’m cold.

The strangest thing is that before I went outside, I was watching the movie “Aloha”, where 2 of my favourite actors Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone were fighting about the freedom of the Hawaii sky, and now, while I’m writing this post,  my playlist stopped at Maroon Five song “Lost stars”. Somehow this night is all about the stars and the great unknown above the sky. I could say that it’s a coincidence, but I don’t believe in that. I just don’t know what it means yet.

Maybe it’s a reminder that there is some bigger plan in all this and there’s no point of stressing about little things. Just appreciate every moment that you are given. Stop and listen. Look around you – this world is no less magical than fictional  movies.




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