25 and counting 

A few weeks ago I turned 25.. I wouldn’t say that this is the age of getting old, but it definitely makes you think about your life in perspective. About the things you have and the ones you will never have again. Like careless childhood mornings or waiting for those family movie evenings (the only exceptions for going to sleep after 8pm). No more naive teenage romance or giggles after telling your girlfriends of your crush. So much awesome firsts have been left in the past, so much more to come.

Childhood. 🙂 What were those main things that you never forgot when you were a little kid?

I clearly remember that it was a must for me to hug my mom and dad before sleep and tell them goodnight, let them know that I love them and that I hope God will look after them while I sleep. I wasn’t very religious kid, but I did believe that there is something much bigger than human kind and that we are all under its influence. When I did learn how to pray, I did try to say a prayer before sleep and wish that all the angels look after every body that I love, take care of them and keep them happy.

My true purpose of every day was to be happy, to do the things that make me feel good.

It’s was so simple.

So if I did stress out a lot & cried too much before my birthday, because my life seemed way off plan which I had somehow built in my mind, then by the time it was actually my birthdays morning, I realized that it’s secondary. All the plans I had made don’t really involve the things that should be most important.

I was sitting in a living room. It was still warm Californian afternoon. Suddenly my phone buzzed and I realized that on the other side of the ocean my loved ones started to send me happy birthday wishes. I was in the middle of two days, between two countries and two decades. It felt sireal. “In California I’m still 24, but on the other side of the ocean I’m already 25. Either I’m living in yesterday or receiving messages from the future,” I thought to myself. Then I realized that I felt peaceful and blessed to be where I am.

My life maybe way off track, but I have found my way back to the true life lessons – aim to be happy every day and be grateful for the life you’ve got. Explore, try out, never be afraid to fail or to be good at something.

Life’s too short to concentrate on things or ideas that make you feel bad, weak or not enough, because baby you’re one of a kind. Enjoy it!

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