Let’s say a grace
With opening our hearts
White and peaceful day was born in the middle of the night

I’m grateful I could breath it in
Charge my body and feel my soul
With every sense my core granted me.

“Don’t be shy”, she said
With the voice like no others.
Time and space were molded into one.
Voice with the Eco of thousands.
In just one syllable
The mind and the body sank in a deep “inbetween”

You could hear a child giggling in the morning, an old man sitting down after a hard day of work, a mother leaning over her child’s crib to sing a lullaby, a mime with a heartbreak story..

Say a grace
Without spelling it.
Enjoy the diversity of life
The variety of people you meet
And the ability to acknowledge it.

Breath in
Breath out
Don’t overthink it
But never take it for granted

Every morning smile to the day that has been born
Enjoy the time you have together
By the time you close your eyes
It will be gone forever.”

Of all the last and first breaths hit the surroundings
Like a cold ocean wave
In the middle of 100′ Fahrenheit afternoon

And I opened my eyes in the dawn
Still feeling inbetween
Having bittersweet memory flashes
And all I knew for sure was – I need to say my grace.

I’m humble for all the smiles I have seen
For all the love and joy I have felt.
For the never ending energy cycle
That continues to take my breath away.

I’m thankful for all the opportunities that I am given
For the ability to choose and hopefully make a difference
For all the people in my life,
I hope you know I love you!

Be safe and never give up on the day you’re given
Believe in the good in people
Life may not always be easy and calm
But it’s worth to stick around!

Wherever you are, say a grace. With or without words. Let us remind ourselves of all the good we have in our lives.

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