I like you

So here’s a tricky question. Would you ever say “I like you” to a person you feel close to if you wanted to make him or her feel special?

I like ice cream. I like sunny days and movies. I like to listen to songs before I go to sleep. I like to see street art. These are a few of the things I like.

I never use the word “like” when I talk about a person with whom I have connection in deeper level than acquaintances. I just think that “like” is too superficial, it’s like the answer “it’s interesting”, when somebody asks you “what do you think about it”. Either you don’t have an opinion or you don’t want to upset the person so you say “it’s interesting” without going any further into details. It is polite. And you know what polite is in any human relationship? It’s the safe ground, it’s the lack of emotions. Call me crazy but you should be able to put something around the “I like you”, even “Babe, I like you the way you are” or “I like you, you’re amazing” sounds heartwarming.

I must admit though, my frustration started way before this phrase. I saw a movie with my best friend “How to be single”, because we wanted to laugh and have a good time, but it turned out to be deeper than a chick flick. It made me realize some things like when the other person says “you should focus on yourself” or “this separation will help us do the things we want” is pretty much a crap. It’s the easy let down. There was a perfect line in the movie which sounded something like “I never needed a time apart to know what I’m feeling, but you needing one to find out if I’m good enough just made me reevaluate our relationship”. And you know what – I would always choose hot or cold over lukewarm, over standing on the sidelines and waiting to be reevaluated to be good enough.

Relationships should be about meeting the person with whom you experience the world together, you grow together, not apart, you go and follow your dreams and be there for each other. It’s not about being perfect and then trying to find a perfect match. It’s about passion, about trust and companionship. Two souls finding each other and blending together without loosing their individual essence.

Maybe it’s just the way I am, maybe I ask too much, but I can’t help it. I can’t bare to be lukewarm. So here’s my resume – I like ice cream, but I use my feelings when I’m talking about anyone who is important to me. How about you?

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