Cheers to new beginnings!

Hey guys! The great fast has ended. You must think I’m stuffing my face with Nutella and ice cream right now, but I’m actually quite well behaved. 🙂
The only thing that I’m really glad about is that people won’t feel uncomfortable around me, while eating cakes or cookies or any other treats that I was fasting from for the last 40 days. I noticed that some people took my commitment way too personal. When in reality I did feel great most of the time. Yes, I couldn’t drink wine with my friends or eat carbs during our brunches, I chose not to drink sugary frappuccinos and even got addicted to drinking a lot of water during the day. So what? Some of you may think I took it way too strict, but my body sure feels better & my taste buds are like brand new 😝

I did have some mood swings because of the lack of sugar and some other factors, but I guess I was so determined to be able to control something in my life when everything else seemed to just happen, that it gave me the strength I needed to continue. It’s amazing how much determination I got from feeling power over the choices I had to make daily. Like that chocolate I didn’t buy the time I felt heartbroken and lonely, like that wine I didn’t drink after crazy day at work or that cake I declined at the party. I took myself seriously and I knew that my body kept a strict journal of what I ate no matter what I told others.

And it paid off. Even during the fasting I went shopping for a size smaller jeans, because my old ones were way too baggy. My stomach is flat 99% of the day. I feel so much stronger. And I know I can do whatever I want. This is not the end of fasting. This is a new beginning. The beginning of better and healthier me. Sure, I will treat myself with something sweet if I feel like it, but I won’t make it a habit.

So congratulations to everybody who fasted this year, who made themselves a priority! Be happy, be bright, be yourself!



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