Supporters beat consumers every time

Okay, this is a quote from Seth Godin not Blake Mycoskie, the Chief Shoe Giver at TOMS and author of the book “Start something that matters”, but it does sum up my feelings today and in general when we talk about branding and story telling.

I must admit that when I started to read this book, I did not quite know the full story behind the brand, mostly because I used to be high heeled girl and would not choose to wear flats anywhere. So TOMS we’re just one of those trendy shoes at a limited count of places in Latvia. Now I know that I will be ordering my TOMS in the nearest future, knowing that my choice will help a kid in 3rd world country to get a pair of shoes, since it is “1 for 1” business/charity model, which is pretty awesome!

Why am I mentioning this book?

I have always stood by a statement that I’m willing to invest more into a story or a feeling that the product gives me. In a world full of information and millions of best offers, I need to have this emotional connection to things that I surround myself with, it helps me to construct my world. That’s why I buy stuff like S’well bottles and seek someone to ship them to Europe (none of my friends gets why I can’t just buy a bottle at the store), spend days of looking for that perfect blank notebook with the right color and paper thickness (yeah, turns out this is a struggle in France) or just spontaneously buy a shirt because on the inside it has a quote “the good life is right here”.

A story behind the brand or a story that is created by it always speaks volumes, it attracts supporters, loyal customers (despite the fact that at college you will be told there’s no such thing as loyal customer), it inspires (like Apple Watch ) and creates believers.
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

    1. Human Mind relies on stories and story architecture as the primary road map for understanding, making sense of, remembering, and planning our lives – as well as the countless experiences and narratives we encounter along the way. /Kendall Haven the author “Super Simple storytelling”.
    2. A good story transcends boundaries, breaks barriers, and opens doors. It is a key not only to starting a business but also to clarifying your own personal identity and choices.
    3. Most of the facts are commonly known. We don’t need new facts we need new stories.
    4. Supporters beat consumers every time.

The book is actually very easy to read, it’s full of stories and examples of how people should be thinking about brand power and capabilities to give back while still being profitable, go check it out.

In the meantime be mindful about things and people you surround yourself with, what decisions you make, what are your goals and how do you act to reach them. You’re writing your story right now, this very moment. Make sure you enjoy telling it when somebody asks tomorrow, in a year or a decade.

Every moment counts.

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