Taxi ride in Africa

Midelt was about 3 hour drive from Fez, but for us it was more than five.We were about 10 minutes on our way, when suddenly the engine died in (what looked to us) the middle of nowhere. In Africa. At pitch dark night.

Funny thing about unexpected situations – the adrenaline kicks in and suddenly you start to wonder how much battery life you have on your phone. More than that – if there’s anyone whom to call. Police? Hotel? Our contacts in Fez?

“Chill – mama Africa, it will be alright,” we joked at first and went to taste nearest olives from the tree. Probably not the best choice of action, since they were dangerously sour, just like the experience with new taxi management.

Abdul, the driver looked like he’s having a nervous breakdown. Every 15 minutes we heard a phrase “a new taxi is on it’s way. It will be here after 15 minutes” until it was already almost 2 hours of waiting.

Every car that slowed down was a potential Taxi driver aka our hope or someone who wants to rub us aka worst nightmare. 50:50 chances are considered a pretty high bet in some places, not in Africa, not for us.

“How far can you run? Would you run across the highway or to the other way, if there was someone chasing you?” We tried to joke about the possibilities. I might run a few miles, but not sure about running in the dark towards unknown destination. What if this field doesn’t have an end? I realized after playing with that image in my head.

Right at that moment our driver finally arrived. With two hour delay we were on our way. It was officially time to open up the bottles and hope that we will reach the destination in time.

Imagine a pitch dark road that goes through the mountains. We’re driving near the cliffs full speed with traditional African music in the background. It reminded me of those thriller/scary movie moments where the main characters are about to run into some problems. You know, those when you think “no, don’t go there & they always do go there..”

Mama Africa might have no problems, but deep down I know – it’s better not to look where we’re going, or my stomach will have a one. So eventually I just fall asleep to wake up at the entrance of our hotel. Blurry way up to the room one glimpse at the magnificent Arabic ceiling and I’m out.

Funny how perception of time can switch. We wake up the next morning with a feeling like we have been in Africa way longer than just a few days. So many emotions and images in my mind that I’m blown away by it.
Come back if you want to read about Sahara desert.

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