The word is Easy

What used to be cheap*, now is replaced with easy. Somehow we have stated that our life’s crazy, complicated and challenging, and the holy grail is peacefulness .

We have full social media of quiet harmony, mindfulness and ease. The good life starts here, it’s reachable, it’s easy and calm. We’re fascinated with this tranquil image of happiness in all forms of warm, misty and natural. As if we’re going full circle here. While pop stars try to be more with wearing less, we have a movement of 21st century flower children wearing layers of all shades of neutral, that somehow screams “I might be vegan, Eco friendly and I daydream of living closer to nature.”

What gets cut out of the frame is that mess we call everyday. Let’s be real, after that beautiful insta dinner picture, you will need to wash the dishes, eventually you will make the bed and the berries on the table will be cleaned up. It takes time, it is a part of the journey, it is life and yes, it is sometimes complicated, unwelcomed and rushed as if those details were not fitting the picture.

But we make it look easy, no matter how tiring it might get. It’s the new perfection. To look as if you got ready in five minutes, because you woke up looking like an Aphrodite. To make the right food choices, be Eco friendly and live in ease. Even the adds try to tell you in every product “it has never been so easy” and go jump on the first train for that ease. Without giving a second thought.

I would not call it a problem, if we do understand that it is an image, it is a setup and a trap in one tiny digital frame. And that you might even get inspired, but not depressed or self ashamed, since we’re all humans with our messed up, too straightened up, complicated, boring, fun, exhausting and most of all unique lives that consist of moments of happenings.

Peace is good, but it is not easy as we try to show it off in insta setups, building up these grand expectations. If you ask me – happiness seems more reachable goal. Since peace is the destination while everything else on the way can be happiness.


*when we talk about marketing

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