What’s left behind

At the very end all that matter is the core. The core of yourself, the relationships you have built and the essential marks that you have left behind.

My patience and feelings have been challenged by the bullies quite a lot. By the kids, who have been raised to be perfect, so they feel like they have to push out anyone who doesn’t fit in. Like the chubby girl in bright clothes, who desperately wants to be cute and adorable like others girls. By the teenagers, who want to be popular and go to the parties to get wasted, but she doesn’t drink, so she never gets invited. And rarely by the grown ups, who feel better while making others feel below their level.

Strangely enough I have always managed to be surrounded by decent people – kind hearted, funny and smart people.

So from time to time, when I look back and think about everything, I always come to a conclusion that my very best, the highest value in this world is the feeling I leave behind. My strength and hopes lies in the relationships I have made on the way with remarkable people. The warmth and joy from our memories and future adventures could light up the world.

Counting days to go home and hug my loved ones, I miss every tiny dimple in their cheeks, wrinkles around their eyes when they smile and those colourful laughs. I miss the sarcastic remarks and sometimes completely funky ideas.

My core is built by my love for this world,  my family and friends, for the characters I get to meet and stories I get to tell.

How about you?

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