Run, run more, until your fear is tired to run with you

There’s no such thing as easy running against all odds. Pushing yourself again and again towards something that is so hard to define. (inner motivator?) Failing miserably on your face and trying to get back up without the glorious fear free plan. But if you run more, push yourself more and fall more, it becomes less and less exceptional, and you might even start to change how you think about it. Let’s face it – failure is an experience, not a pleasant one, but it gives us so much more than “my day was fine, peaceful, nothing much happened..”. You learn new way that did not work, a new skill that will be useful and there’s that personal element prism that you can’t read in any book.

The difference between failure being a blockage or just a part of the process is within you.

So here it is – my sincere goodbye to 2017., I haven’t made so many crappy life changing decisions ever. Cheers to learning from that. Overall some of the darkest moments mixed with my  happiest moments that I still hold dear to my heart. Believe me – I’ve had many sleepless nights with a pinch of  wishful time-travel desire.

Life’s weird, confusing and painfully beautiful. The best anyone can do – be honest and live it with open heart, mind to anything. The good and the bad.

What I’ve done to move pass my allegedly failures? I said yes to challenging and risky opportunities, I pushed myself to learn more, accept that everything I know for sure might not be true and anything that scares me should be explored. Silly example, but one fear that I always had was being the last one running, so I push myself and have been running now almost every day. Fingers crossed I get to the level where I can run half-marathon in May. Hopefully not in the last place.

So for 2018. my motto will be:

“Run, run more, until your fear is tired to run with you”.

Btw, if you need some extra motivation, these two movies could give you that extra boost:


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