If you pass the first sleep phase, you’re screwed

Unless you’re a student who needs to start&finish some long delayed paper.

In my experience imagination and time effectiveness usually work the best in short time frame, sleep deprivation under the possibility of failing. (I’m not saying that the best ideas come from it, but there’s always something to get you to that minimum word count)

If you pass the first sleep even your stop stress mind numbing pill  wears out and you’re back to sheeps and the past. Going back in time, remember something that already has happened keeps the mind busy with the buzzing with 3W –  what, when, why. It’s the stuck replay with missing delete button. In comparison if we think about something that might happen one day, if everything goes well and the stars align, people tend to fall asleep faster.

I call it emotional decluttering.

When you get in the mindset where the past does not matter (because you are in the situation where you want to be) the weight of all the bugging emotions is lifted, but there’s no emotional history with it, because you haven’t been there yet. Let me give you an example. KIDS. Parents read them bed time stories or tell fairy tales. Why? Because, it makes them wonder and get a bit disconnected from the reality, which makes it easier to fall asleep. Try telling them “Oh, remember last Christmas, when Santa gave you the robot?”  it will pump up their endorphins and bring back emotions. Good luck falling asleep then..

But sleep in fact is vital for your long term health and stability, so try not to skip that first sleep impulse and try to enhance it with emotional decluttering exercise. It has helped me so much that I now can get into the deep sleep phase in less than 10 minutes.

Except last night. I had my sleeping mask on, the room was dark and a bit cold (fun fact, body sleeps better when it’s temperature is lower than usual), but I kept on turning and turning because I was so pumped up with the excitement of learning new things in photoshop, that it kept me up till midnight, and nothing helped. Yeah, I’m full on geeky and loving every second when I get to spend my time learning some new tech thing. Probably won’t to do it again before going to sleep, but no promises can be made, because things just happen.


How about we make a goal for this week to actually try having a decent sleep?


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