How did you get American accent? Where is it from?
Okay, you learned. What else? I want to know.

And while I’m trying to rationalise the thing that has been there all along I feel like explaining why I am the way I am.
I joke “Maybe I’m adopted American”.
No, the joke’s too far from the goal.
A pair of eyes asking for an exact explanation. So here it goes…

I say stoked instead of thrilled and babe’ instead of honey.
And heck’ I don’t know why some find it funny.

I take my morning Americano with sunny side up,
And pair my S’well with a Starbucks cup.
I say things like have a good one, and you know – it works every time.

There’s no real explanation, it’s the combination of all of the above and so much more.

It’s the Mustangs on the highway, packed parking spaces with family SUWs and pickup trucks.
It’s the Levi’s on the back of the jeans and plaid shirts in the autumn.
It is the feeling of dream big and make it happen.
Or even better – market it.

The one and only Dr. King “I have a dream”
Or an everyday inspiration of Seth Godin
I can’t give you a road map how to get there.
How to talk the way I talk.
But if you listen carefully, you might hear a thing or two.

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