Still.. not your best

The toughest part is not about doing your best. Let’s face it -we’re never quite there yet, we all have to grow up and grow some more. 

The toughest part is seeing it through, keeping your head up and beliefs straight no matter what or when. 
It is keeping yourself in check with your inner self, with the world and your goals, even when you hit the wall or your self doubts over and over.

Get up, face it again.
Keep improving in hitting it, and maybe you will hit it just right one day.

I’m facing myself every day with a question – did you do at least one thing today that adds to your dreams and keeps you on the right path? 
The rule is simple –
If the answer is no, make it two the next day.
But you better make sure it’s a yes or otherwise, the path might become just a dream.
And we all wake up from those.
Besides you know what they say – stop dreaming or you will waste your life away.

So get up and be ready for whatever it is that life throws at you today.

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