What’s left behind

At the very end all that matter is the core. The core of yourself, the relationships you have built and the essential marks that you have left behind.

Short ride stories

We’re all strangers, and jet we’re connected. We’re all a part of the morning ride.

I like you

“like” is too superficial, it’s like the answer “it’s interesting”, when somebody asks you “what do you think about it”.

Changing heartbeats

There’s a saying “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”.

My favourite writing quote

Lemme tell you something kid. You gotta grab the reader by the throat. He’s on a train. He’s trying to hit on his secretary; she’s not giving him the time of day. His wife is mad at him. His kid needs braces; he doesn’t have the money. The guy next to him stinks. It’s crowded….

25 and counting 

A few weeks ago I turned 25.. I wouldn’t say that this is the age of getting old, but it definitely makes you think about your life in perspective.

Full moon overload

It was one of those times when you’re afraid to move, not to disturb somenthing special. So I sat there till my body started to shake a bit to give me sign – it’s enough, I’m cold.


The more I see and experience, the more certain I become of my real life relationship definition.  we have this idea about how something should start and end, while most of the time life makes other plans.  We have break up and make up songs, that are telling the story themselves. We have 3 date…