Supporters beat consumers every time

In a world full of information and millions of best offers, I need to have this emotional connection to things that I surround myself with, it helps me to construct my world.

Here we go again

Wine, dine, melanholic crime and here we go again.

Never ending night adventures,
Making up for the peaces we lost on the way.

Short ride stories

We’re all strangers, and jet we’re connected. We’re all a part of the morning ride.

I like you

“like” is too superficial, it’s like the answer “it’s interesting”, when somebody asks you “what do you think about it”.


The more I see and experience, the more certain I become of my real life relationship definition.  we have this idea about how something should start and end, while most of the time life makes other plans.  We have break up and make up songs, that are telling the story themselves. We have 3 date…

Oh my, it’s Tinder time!

I have never been an online dating girl. That being said, I prayed to God not to send me weirdos and downloaded the app “Tinder”. It took me only 30 seconds to set up my profile and off I went into the ocean of single men. It’s amazing how a few matches can boost up…