I say stoked instead of thrilled and babe’ instead of honey.
And heck’ I don’t know why some find it funny.

2 am feelings

At the end of the day we should’t get frustrated, angry or sad about somebody not feeling the way we want them to feel. That is life.  Real deep feelings are individual experiences that happen out of our control. The good and the bad, the exciting and the let downs…all of which are intentional triggers…

If you pass the first sleep phase, you’re screwed

Unless you’re a student who needs to start&finish some long delayed paper. In my experience imagination and time effectiveness usually work the best in short time frame, sleep deprivation under the possibility of failing. (I’m not saying that the best ideas come from it, but there’s always something to get you to that minimum word…

The word is Easy

What used to be cheap*, now is replaced with easy. Somehow we have stated that our life’s crazy, complicated and challenging, and the holy grail is peacefulness . We have full social media of quiet harmony, mindfulness and ease. The good life starts here, it’s reachable, it’s easy and calm. We’re fascinated with this tranquil…

Taxi ride in Africa

Funny thing about unexpected situations – the adrenaline kicks in and suddenly you start to wonder…


Amsterdam – the city of freedom that has been gained and lost at the same time. While I did not have any grand expectations of my trip there, I did indeed feel as if some part of me wished it was different. Cultural and mesmerising during the day, while packed and crowded by the night….

I like you

“like” is too superficial, it’s like the answer “it’s interesting”, when somebody asks you “what do you think about it”.