2 am feelings

At the end of the day we should’t get frustrated, angry or sad about somebody not feeling the way we want them to feel. That is life.  Real deep feelings are individual experiences that happen out of our control. The good and the bad, the exciting and the let downs…all of which are intentional triggers…

The word is Easy

What used to be cheap*, now is replaced with easy. Somehow we have stated that our life’s crazy, complicated and challenging, and the holy grail is peacefulness . We have full social media of quiet harmony, mindfulness and ease. The good life starts here, it’s reachable, it’s easy and calm. We’re fascinated with this tranquil…

Supporters beat consumers every time

In a world full of information and millions of best offers, I need to have this emotional connection to things that I surround myself with, it helps me to construct my world.

Evening darlings 

Haven’t posted for a while now. I guess when you work with texts and ads all day, there’s not much to put on the paper in the evening. All I want is to be quiet, to enjoy my time at the gym, listen to good music and cook something tasty. Go to sleep early and…

Short ride stories

We’re all strangers, and jet we’re connected. We’re all a part of the morning ride.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Hey guys! The great fast has ended. You must think I’m stuffing my face with Nutella and ice cream right now, but I’m actually quite well behaved. 🙂 The only thing that I’m really glad about is that people won’t feel uncomfortable around me, while eating cakes or cookies or any other treats that I…


Let’s say a grace she said
With opening our hearts
White and peaceful day was born in the middle of the night

25 and counting 

A few weeks ago I turned 25.. I wouldn’t say that this is the age of getting old, but it definitely makes you think about your life in perspective.