Going bananas in June

Follow the movement, DELETE accounts! Nah, I’m not there yet, but a month without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest sounds like a good reset plan. 

Audio books – the good, the bad and the promising

“Listening is the new reading” promotes the banner as soon as I log in my Audible account, but is it? Is it really the new normal? I do believe that people have different approaches how to learn things. For example I’m a person who needs to see or feel emotions to remember. A brand story…

“Believe you can or believe you can’t either way you’re right” /Henry Ford/

Run, run more, until your fear is tired to run with you

There’s no such thing as easy running against all odds. Pushing yourself again and again towards something that is so hard to define. (inner motivator?) Failing miserably on your face and trying to get back up without the glorious fear free plan. But if you run more, push yourself more and fall more, it becomes less and…

Supporters beat consumers every time

In a world full of information and millions of best offers, I need to have this emotional connection to things that I surround myself with, it helps me to construct my world.